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Vintage 1950s Vogue Tags from Ginny Doll Clothing


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This is a small collection of vintage 1950s Vogue tags that came from clothing for the 7 - 8 inch Ginny doll. Choice of tags --each in good vintage condition, but #3 rather washed out, as can be seen in picture, and #4 looks and feels pristine:

#1 Vogue wavy tag from 1950 - 51
#2 Vogue tag from 1952
#3 Original Vogue Dolls Inc. tag from 1953
#4 Vogue Dolls Inc. Medford, Mass, tag from 1954 - 1956
#5 Vogue Dolls Inc. tag from 1957 - 65

Our merchandise is geared toward mature adult doll collectors. Not intended to be used as play items for children.